Understanding the Importance of Due Diligence and Title Search Reporting

Oct 11, 2016

When purchasing or selling a piece of real estate, it is always important to have a title search done on the property, especially when it involves commercial real estate for ...

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When a Judgement Appears That’s Not Me, What Do I Do?

Sep 11, 2016

Think of how many people live in the world and of those people how many people have the last name of "Smith" or "Jones." There are over 7 billion people ...

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Can I Insure My Leasehold Interest?

Aug 11, 2016

One of the questions that we repeatedly hear from our clients is whether or not they can insure their leasehold interest. We've put together some key points to keep in ...

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Does an Easement on a Property Reduce its Value?

Jul 11, 2016

When you're purchasing or selling a piece of property, the title search may show an easement which may or may not affect the value of the property. Determining if this ...

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What is Adverse Possession?

Jun 11, 2016

Understanding the complexities of adverse possession can seem overwhelming. Let's start with the basics: Adverse possession is a method of gaining legal title to real property by the actual, hostile, and ...

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