US Title Solutions

Nationwide Title Search and Insurance Coverage:

US Title Solutions is a leading nationwide commercial title search company providing real estate information services and title insurance for both local and national companies. Our licensed professional staff has the skills, expertise and processes required to enable our clients to meet both budget constraints and project deadlines. Our proprietary LAND- IT online report database provides our clients instant access to their completed reports and in-process orders.

US Title Solutions continues to build a loyal following in the industry. Clients use our reports to perform property investigations for commercial property site selection and development, foreclosure, litigation, cell towers, wind and solar energy sites.We have an established nationwide network of title professionals that we utilize for title research and document acquisition to prepare our title reports.

Whatever stage your project is in, we can help. From preliminary reports, site acquisition, leasing or purchasing we are able to provide the information you need to complete your transaction. Regardless of your role in the process, we can provide you with the information you need.

If you would like to learn more about how US Title Solutions can help, please click the services link below. We are ready to exceed your expectations.