We embrace the wireless industry because we understand how to serve the needs of the wireless providers, legal teams, site acquisition companies, wireless engineering firms and turnkey management companies that make our wireless world possible. We continue to be the provider of choice for some of the biggest names in the wireless industry.

Our clients have repeatedly acknowledged that US Title Solutions is the company they turn to for responsiveness and customer satisfaction. We can quickly get you the reports needed for your in-demand sites. US Title Solutions has prepared over 50,000 commercial title reports for the wireless industry nationwide and we maintain these reports in our proprietary Land-It database. Your information is available to you on line 24/7.

Our specialization in commercial real-estate information services has made us an essential vendor to the national wireless carriers and the project management companies that serve them. While other title companies handle volume in residential transactions, we handle volume in commercial Telecom transactions. This critical difference gives us the expertise and turn around time that other title companies are simply not equipped to deliver.

We are committed to meeting your goals in a timely, well-informed way and responding to any changes throughout the process. Keeping you informed along the way, will help you plan your project better.